Babooshka Ukulele Chords, Kate Bush

Artist: Kate Bush
Title: Babooshka
Date Added: 2010-05-18

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Chords used:

dm ukulele chord g ukulele chord a ukulele chord f ukulele chord cm7 ukulele chord


[Dm] [G] [A] Babooshka


[Am]She wanted to test her husband,
[G]She new e[F]xactly what to [A]do,
[Am]A pseudonym [G]to fool him,
[Dm]She couldnt [G]have made a [A]worse move.

[Am]She sent him scented letters,
[G]And he re[F]cieved them with a [A]strange delight,
[A]Just like [A]his wife.
[Dm]But how she [G]was before the [A]tears,
[Dm]And how she [G]was before the [Am]years flew by,
[Dm]And how she [G]was when she was [Dm]beauti[Cm7]ful.
[F]She signed the letter:


[Am]All [C]yours,Ba[Dm]booshka,Baboo[Am]shka,Baboo[Dm]shka-ya-ya
[Am]All [C]yours,Ba[Dm]booshka,Baboo[Am]shka,Baboo[Dm]shka-ya-ya[G]



She wanted to take it further,
So she arranged a place to go,
Too see if he,
Would fall for her incognito.
And when he laid eyes on her,
He got the feelings they had met before,
Uncanny how she
Reminds him of his little lady,
Capacity to give him all he needs,
Just like his wife before she freezed on him,
Just like his wife when she was beautiful,
He shouted, Im...

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