No Woman No Cry Ukulele Chords, Bob Marley

Artist: Bob Marley
Title: No Woman No Cry
Date Added: 2010-05-18

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Chords used:

c ukulele chord g ukulele chord am ukulele chord f ukulele chord
C    G         Am  F
  No woman no cry
C    F        C    G
  No woman no cry
C    G         Am     F
  No woman    no cry                    1st verse
  Here little darlin dont shed no tears 2nd verse
C    F        C
  No woman no cry

Said said
C       G      Am                 F
 said I remember when we used to sit
C             G           Am    
 In the government yard in trenchtown
C                G            Am
           Oba  obaserving the hypocrites  1st verse
 And then Georgie would make a fire light  2nd verse
             C       G                     Am  
As they would mingle with the good people we meet
     as it was log wood burnin through the night 
C         G                Am                F
 good friends  we had oh     good friend we lost
   Then we would cook corn meal porridge
C          G        Am              F
           along the way 
of which Ill share with you
C             G          Am            F 
 In this bright future you cant forget your past
     my feet is my only carriage  

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